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Submit Pro 6.60

With the click of your mouse you can now have your Web site submitted to almost a million Search Engines, Directories, and Links in LESS than 20 Minutes!

And you can quickly re-list your Web site to these 800,000 Free publicity sites every three weeks for maximum results with the click of the same button. Yes, automatic submission, if you desire, and you do not have to go near the program once you have it set to your desired frequency.

Submit Pro Version 6.60 is now available! Truly automate your website submissions to Yahoo, Google, Northernlight, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos and over 800,000 other engines, directories and link pages.

So you have created the best web site in the world, offer the best products or services, but all of that means nothing if no one can find your site.

When your site is competing with over 1 Billion other web pages and documents, you need the the advantage of Submit Pro to promote your website automatically and thoroughly.

What is Submit Pro?
This powerful software gives anyone the ability to submit your website and drive traffic to your site with ease.

With a built in scheduler, Meta tag creator, link popularity checker, Doorway page creator, FTP Uploader and so much more…

Want to see how easy it is to use Submit Pro, yet the power packed features give you more control over your submissions than any other program.

Submit Pro gives you ONE powerful program for all of your promotional needs.

Unlimited Submissions!
Unlike other programs you can submit
as many different sites as you wish
as often as you wish.
A Free Working Demo Submit Pro Program. Download a copy, it installs in a snap. You are then ready to do a 50 actual web site submission, or take minute to look at the current list of up to 800,000 supported Search Engines directories and links. Test drive Submit Pro, you can submit up 50 choices with this working demo.

Download Your Free Demo
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See just how easy it is to drive traffic to your website.

Submit Pro is available for Win95, Win98, Win2000, NT, ME, XP and is fully functional with America Online. Your investment is safe with our Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We’re so sure you will love Submit Pro 5000 that we offer a no questions asked return policy. No one else on the Net offers the support and quality that Submit Pro offers.

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Test it to see how easy to get your sites listed
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Pro Version
250,000 Search Engines,
Directories And Links… $99.97

Master Version
800,000 Search Engines,
Directories And Links… $199.97

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Minimum Requirements for running the software
Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT or XP
At least 16MB of RAM
6MB of free Hard Drive space
486 mhz processor
An Internet Dial Up Connection

Note: We regret Submit Pro 5000 will not run on Windows 3.xx or on a Macintosh computer system.

Note: Your internet connection will determine the speed at which Submit Pro can run optimally. The faster your connection the more data you will be able to transmit accurately.
WARNING… There are copies and Submit Pro look-a-likes and even a few who are illegally using our trademark names, Submit Pro and Submit Pro 5000. These people will be out of business this year. Suits are currently being filed. (Four are down one to go)

Do not be misled, our company have been in business since 1979. We will be here with FREE updates tomorrow. Using the Submit Pro program only… NO manual submissions. We had over 100,000 hits on our sites last month and our sales are outstanding.

Dr. Tag Powell


This Unique Program Does Even More…
Numbered Tabbed Format For Easy Use
Submit Pro is as easy as 1 2 3. Simply follow the tabs and you will be submitting your site in minutes. Screen Shots and step-by-step training is available. Click Here!

Add Your Own Submission Sites
There are currently over 250,000 (Pro) and 800,00 (Platimun) Search Engines, Directories, Classified and Links pages to submit your Site(s) to in the Submit Pro databases, but this is just the beginning. You are also able to add your own unlimited custom databases to this Submission Inventory, and also submit to Search Engines, Directories and Classified Ad Sites.

Full Database Control
Novice users can build unlimited custom databases by simply entering their favorite Search Engines, Directories and FFA Sites into one of any number of custom databases with one click of a button. Submit Pro will then seek out the Search Engine, Directory or FFA page, download the required information and add it to the selected custom database.

Expert users can use the manual database function to add, edit, delete and customize their own databases with virtually no limit to the types of Search Engines, Directories, Classifieds Sites or FFA Pages which they are able to add.

Create Your Custom Database.
Submit Pro supports unlimited custom databases allowing you to swap or share databases with friends and associates.

Built In Engine Crawler To
Automate Adding New Engines
What is even more exciting, is that with Submit Pro’s built-in Engine Crawler, your computer and Internet connection will do all the work for you. The Crawler will search the web and automatically add multitudes of Links Pages, which are fresh and always up to date, to your Submit Pro’s custom databases.

Submit Your Web site to Engines that
Other Automated Software Can’t Touch
This is a very powerful addition to Submit Pro, allowing it to post to sites that have not been set up for auto submission software.

Multiple URL Submissions
If you are responsible for registering or maintain several sites or pages, you will find this feature particularly useful. You can load in up to almost unlimited number sites or pages and set the program to submit all the sites with one click of your mouse.

Submit your entire site or multiple sites. Submit Pro saves details on all your pages into a database and submit them one at a time or all your pages at once.

Submission Success Tracking Report
Submit Pro generates and saves all registration campaigns on a special reports HTML data base file. This will give you a listing verifying the success or failure of each submission. Generated HTML Reports for every URL you are posting Reports including time, date, location, and detailed results for failed submissions. This HTML report can easily be copied to the Windows clipboard for pasting into reports, email, etc. You can turn this feature on or off as desired.

Help Tutor
Help Browser built right into the main program for quick help.

High-Speed has New Meaning
You will post your site through an incredible 300 ports at a time (This number is limited only by your Internet connection speed). No other product on the market has accomplished this.

Submit Pro can submit your web page to over 800,000 submission sites in under 30 minutes (time may vary depending on your computer connection). This will drastically reduce “time out problems, ensuring you will have clean submissions and have successful registrations. There is no reason to leave your computer on all night, you can now submit to thousands of sites in just minutes.

Honest-Ware Compatible
While other web site submission programs follow a ‘feel good’ philosophy of automatically displaying successful submissions whether the search engine server responded or not, Submit Pro factually and honestly records the server response for your inspection. Failures can then be resubmitted later, or done by hand. After all, wouldn’t you rather know what was going on?

Free Upgrades
Our staff is hard at work expanding the capabilities of this product. All registered users receive all future database upgrades free of charge.

6.60 Pro Version
250,000 Search Engines,
Directories And Links… $99.97
6.60 Platinum Version
800,000 Search Engines,
Directories And Links… $199.97

Order Now!


Smart Submission Tip…
You should re-submit your sites no less than
every four weeks for top space positions.
Not Yet Convinced?

Here Are 6 Benefits Of Using

Benefit 1.

Submit Pro pays for itself.
Submit Pro can make your Web Site known to millions and make you money if you are selling a service or product.


Benefit 2.
Creates high volume traffic.

The Submit Pro web promotional spider uses Artificial Intelligence to place your site among the top positions and puts your Web Site on the crossroads of Internet’s Super Highways. The better the position the greater traffic to your site.

Benefit 3.
Give you a big advantage over your competition.

Use all the powerful tools in this program and your site will consistently get better positions than your competition.

Benefit 4.
Saves you time and money.

Compare to the “Submit It” service. They now charge $60 to submit only 5 web sites per year. With Submit Pro you can do as many different sites as you desire, your site and other businesses as well. Other systems and software have hidden yearly charges and an extra charge if your are submitting sites for a third party.

Benefit 5.
You can start your own Web Site Submission Business.

Many services charge $100.00 to $200.00 to submit to 100 sites. You can do 200 sites in less than a five minutes, charge $49.00 for 200 sites and make $98.00 per hour. The Platinum Version can even emails your client a copy of your submission results.

Benefit 6.
You’ll enjoy writing me a note of “Thanks.”

Regardless of the system you are now using for site submission, you owe it to yourself to down load this free demo and find out what you may be missing. You’ll thank me.

Need More Information
About a Profitable
Web Site Submission Business
You Can Start With This Program?
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Submit ProTM Program
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Your Free Demo Copy

Yes! It is Try-Before-You-Buy software.

Submit ProTM
Pro Version 6.60

250,000 Search Engines,
Directories And Links… $99.97

Submit ProTM
Platinum Version
800,000 Search Engines,
Directories And Links… $199.97

Order Now!

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